Steel RHS & Tube

Steel CHS

CHS – Circular Hollow Sections

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross section and excellent resistance to torsion. The wall thickness is uniform around the section, and CHS and RHS (rectangular) are commonly used in welded steel frames where members experience loading in multiple directions. Both square and circular hollow sections are efficient shapes for this multiple-axis loading, as they have uniform geometry along two or more cross-sectional axes and thus uniform strength characteristics.


Steel RHS

RHS – Rectangular Hollow Sections

For strength & economy.

Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) are very popular in many forms of construction and other structural & mechanical applications. This has been greatly assisted by the section’s inherent flat surfaces making it more economical for joining and other fabrication processes. In this instance, and unlike CHS, the sections only need to be straight-cut (when joining to other flat surfaces) instead of profile cut (e.g. when preparing a CHS end or when joining to curved surfaces). Minimal edge preparation is required for joining and welding RHS.

Like CHS, RHS can be used for architectural aesthetics, possessing clean lines, it is functional, and interacts less with external environmental effects.

Steel SHS


SHS – Square Hollow Section

Square Hollow Section (SHS) is often used in construction and industrial applications, as well as home handyman uses like fence posts or gate frames.