Wire Fencing

Barb Wire

Produced on new machines which are the latest and highest tolerance barbed wire machines available today, the barbs are tightly twisted to prevent them from slipping out of position. All barbed wire is supplied rolled on hardwood timber reels.



Hinge Joint

  • Ideal for stock, boundary and internal fencing
  • Flexible knot absorbs stock impact
  • 2.50mm high tensile line wires


The strength of the tightly wrapped knot resists livestock pressure while remaining flexible enough to retain its
structure. The hinged joint “knot” allows the fence to flex under stock pressure, absorbing the impact of livestock so the fence regains its shape.


Stiff Stay

  • Highly engineered, tight cross-over knot
  • 2.8mm top and bottom wires
  • Smooth, safe and easy to use
  • Heavily galvanised

Using the latest technology Stiff Stay® features a clean smooth knot with no sharp protruding wire ends that is easier to install and protects stock from injury. The tight cross-over knot locks the wires in place to resist buckling and sagging. The centre of each roll is kept clear of obstructing wires providing smooth and easy pay-off.


rabbit fencingRural Netting

Rural Heavy Netting is a versatile heavily galvanised netting for rural and heavy duty applications.
Netting with a 4 cm aperture and 1.4mm wire diameter (often referred to as rabbit netting) is available in varying heights. Suggested uses are:
30cm – reconditioning of existing fences, garden edging
60cm – reconditioning of existing fences, ducks
90cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards
105cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards
120cm – boundary and feral fencing, poultry
180cm – feral fencing, poultry and animal enclosures