Cattle Rail

An alternative steel fencing material often used is cattle rail (also known as stock or oval rail). An innovative oval shaped pipe section, using traditional pipe sections as a basis and roller flattening two parallel sides. The advantages of this profile is that not only will the cattle benefit from much less bruising, but when used in a cattle yard panel, there are less rails to be used due to the wider profile. Cattle rail is supplied in a Galvanised finish for longer product life and rust protection.

The most common size used is 115x42x2.0 @ 6.1mtr however other sizes are available

Other uses for oval rail:

  1. Horse Yards / Stock Yards
  2. Hand Rails / Safety Barriers
  3. Alternative to standard square posts
  4. Decorative enough for outdoor seating and furniture

Fitting are also available including top ends, Joiners and Hanger