Chain Wire

Chainwire’s wide range of standard specification options makes it ideal for a huge array of applications.
 These include:
  • Factory enclosures
  • Building site enclosures
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Internal factory partitions
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Temporary protective fencing
  • Softball/baseball nets
Chainwire’s versatility makes it the automatic choice of government departments, building contractors, property owners,
developers and many other specifiers.

Selvege Styles

Chainwire is supplied with a barbed or knuckled selvedge as in the diagram below.

The mesh selvedge is nominated by the purchaser at time of order placement.

In general when a fence roll is under 1800mm high it is provided in a Knuckle/Knuckle Selvedge

Where a top &/or bottom rail is installed, the mesh is laced to the rail/s therefore, normally a knuckle selvedge is required, however barb selvedge can be used. In that situation, the mesh extends above (top rail) or below (bottom rail) and tied or laced to secure