Uni-Piers are a smart but simple piering system and designed to replace brick piers, concrete or timber stumps that in the past have been traditionally used as sub-floor supports.

When assembled, the piers are adjustable to the desired height, so eliminating inaccuracies that are often evident in concrete footings or pads.

Uni-Piers are non-combustible and will not rot, warp, shrink or harbour termites. Uni-Piers are designed to suit any normal domestic floor design and are able to support most roof and wall loads in all wind areas and are suitable for up to 5m fall in terrain.

Consider the many advantages of using Uni-Piers
Sized to suit 200mm to 5000mm – suitable for the steepest of building sites.
Head adjustment up to 200mm – enables easy and accurate levelling without the need for packers under bearers.
Integrated ant caps – means no further termite control is required, although annual under-floor inspection is recommended.
Durable hot dipped galvanised finish – allows for use in many corrosive enviroments.
Builder or Heavy grade – enables use in wide variety of applications.
Suitable in coastal or “high wind” areas – can be used adjacent to the coast and in most cyclonic regions. (Refer to Uni-Pier Selection Guide).
Fully engineered design – ask our staff for a copy of the Uni-Pier Selection Guide or download from www.unipier.com.au.